Human Resources

The Human Resource Department works to benefit the citizens of our community and the employees of the City in an effort to provide efficient, effective and enthusiastic service in areas such as job opportunities, public property and liability concerns, safety and risk management, and the provision of a work force that is well-trained, highly motivated, and dedicated to public service. The City is one of the top 10 employers in Mitchell, with a full-time staff of 175 and part-time / seasonal job opportunities for over 250 youth and adult workers per year.

Job Opportunities

Hiring is ongoing throughout the year. Check out our Current Full-Time Job Opportunities!

Spring and Summer jobs are available each year at the Corn Palace, the Parks and Recreation Department, and even at the Street Department and Water Departments! Wages are competitive and jobs with the city are unique and interesting! Applications are accepted beginning February 15th.  Check out our Seasonal and Part-Time Opportunities!

Employee Services

Employee Services provided through the Human Resource Department include the following:
  • Benefits Management
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Protocols
  • Employee Recognition and Employee Relations
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Public Property and Liability Coordination
  • Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring
  • Safety and Risk Management - Training - Worker’s Compensation Coordination
  • Wellness Programming