Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is comprised of 2 full time employees and 1 to 2 part time seasonal employees. The traffic division is responsible for the maintenance of streetlights, emergency weather sirens, street signs and posts and all painted street markings.

The summer months are very busy for the Traffic Division as this is the time of year the streets and parking lots receive their new coats of paint and striping. The Traffic Division is also called upon to assist with barricading streets for parades, special events and emergency situations.

Traffic Commission - City Council 

The City Council is the Traffic Commission and acts on requests and items submitted through the Public Works Department.  It is very important to plan ahead and have your request in to Public Works so it can be added to the agenda in a timely manner prior to your event.

The City Council reviews requests on the following items:


-         Parking - on street and off street closures

-         Parade Permits

-         Street Closures

-         Traffic Signage / Signals

-         Cross-walks

-         Speed Limit


Submit your Traffic requests to the Mitchell Department of Public Works to be added to the City Council meeting agenda. Complete information must be to the Public Works Director by 9:00am on the Wednesday, prior to the following City Council meeting.