Fire Inspections

Fire inspections are an education and enforcement branch of the Mitchell Fire Department’s Fire Marshal’s Office. Fire Inspections are used to not only enforce the International Fire Code but to also ensure public safety within the City’s public buildings and businesses. These inspections are conducted by the Fire Marshal and also the daily on-duty crews. Some of the things that these inspections look for are, blocked exit doors, electrical issues, exit signs and fire extinguishers.

Enforcement Process

Fire inspections are assigned monthly and are to be completed within that month. If violations to the International Fire Code are found, a letter to comply will be mailed to that business. The owner or manager of that business is then responsible to correct that violation within thirty (30) days. After thirty (30) days, the Fire Marshal then re-inspects the business to check for compliance. If the violation has not been corrected within the thirty (30) day timeframe, the owner or manager is then given another fifteen (15) days to correct the violation. If after the fifteen (15) days, the violation has not been corrected then all information is turned over the City attorney for further enforcement.


The primary goal of the Mitchell Fire Department’s fire inspection program is to ensure the safety and security of Mitchell’s residents and visitors. Our program also affords us the opportunity to educate owners and managers in providing a fire safe environment for their customers.

Shannon Sandoval
Fire Marshal
Phone: 605-995-8400