Street and Sanitation Division

The Street Division has a total of 16 employees that perform all types of street maintenance and construction projects. The Sanitation Division has 9 full time employees divided between Waste Collection and Landfill. Garbage is collected weekly from over 4000 residences. The city landfill serves Mitchell and Davison county and small communities from the surrounding area.
Street Address: 1405 West 8th Avenue, Mitchell, SD 57301
Phone Number: 605-995-8465 (after hours 605-770-0881)
Fax Number: 605-995-8467
Hours of Operation: M-F  7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Departments: Streets, Landfill, Solid Waste Collection, Compost, Contract Recycling, Mechanics
Street and Sanitation Superintendent: Kevin Roth

The Compost Collection Site is:  Open