Runway 13/31: Length - 6700 feet (100 foot paved width); New in 2009

Runway 18/36:  Length - 5500 feet (100 foot paved width); New seal coat 2015

Approaches:   VOR/DME and ILS instrument approach

FBO:   Wright Bros. Aviation 605-996-1228
Maintenance Facilities
100 low lead and jet-A fuels;
Charter available;
On-site presence



The Mitchell Municipal Airport was constructed in 1945 by the United States Military and was to be the home of the Norden bomb targeting system. It was also considered to be top secret. No civilians were allowed on the base.

When WWII ended the base was closed, and the airport was turned over to the city of Mitchell. The airport has had many small air carriers through the years, but none have been successful for long-term service.


Currently the airport hosts a wide range of private aircraft with estimated emplanements of 4000 plus. The Mitchell airport has one fixed base operator, Wright Brothers Aviation. This facility is noted for its super clean facilities and top-notch service.


Mitchell’s two runways 13-31, 6700 ft. and 18-36, 5512 ft. are capacity rated at 120,000 pounds. Runway 13-32 has ILS instrument landing. All runways have papi lights.


Located in central South Dakota, Mitchell is considered by many visitors to be the pheasant capital of the world. During the hunting season large numbers of hunters fly in and enjoy the freedom that South Dakota can offer.

Nearest Commercial Airport
Joe Foss Regional Airport, Sioux Falls, SD
Approximately 1-1/2 hours East of Mitchell