Honor Guard

In May, 2003, Doug Feltman, Chief of Public Safety, proposed the concept of an Honor Guard for the Department. Jerry Fradet, Communications Specialist, was chosen to form and command the team.

The purpose of the Honor Guard Section is to serve those who served. The Honor Guard Section is proud and honored to have had its first actual event at the 9-11 remembrance ceremony in 2003 honoring fallen Firefighters, Police Officers and citizens who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The Honor Guard Section and its members take part in the posting and retiring of Colors at meetings, sporting events, conferences and conventions. The Honor Guard also leads community parades. The Honor Guard can be used for most community functions with the approval of the Chief of Public Safety.

Due to the unique nature of the Department of Public Safety, it was decided to blend the traditions of Police and Fire Divisions. This is achieved by differentiating the uniforms. The Fire Division representatives wear jacket and pants with a red stripe and red shoulder cord with a New York style Bell cap. The Police Division representatives wear a blue stripe and blue shoulder cord with the traditional saucer cap. The Color Guard also distinguishes itself by carrying an axe on one side of the formation and rifle on the other.

To inquire about the team being at your event contact Chief of Police Michael Koster at 605-995-8400.