Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is tasked with cleaning up our neighborhoods, targeting nuisance properties that have dilapidated and abandoned buildings, junk and unlicensed vehicles, discarded appliances, piles of garbage and waste in yards, tall grass and weeds, and sidewalk snow removal.

When complaints are received, officers make inspections to verify the information. If the violation exists on the property, a Letter of Notice is sent to the owner requiring repairs or cleanup within a reasonable amount of time, except in the case of snow removal, tall grass and weeds. In those cases, the notice will have already been given through public notices in the local newspaper. If the owner complies with the notice, no further action is taken. If the owner fails to comply with the notice, the City follows through with abatement proceedings. Any cost of work completed by the City to bring the property into compliance with the ordinance is the responsibility of the property owner, which may be assessed against the property for failure to pay.

The goal of Code Enforcement for the City of Mitchell is to ensure the Health and safety of our neighborhoods and commercial districts and to promote and encourage a sense of pride in the community.

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