New Adult Titles 10-19-2022 to 11-2-2022



Fic Al39b 2016

Bitter orange tree : a novel

Harithi, Jukhah,

Fic B128w 2021

The winners : a novel

Backman, Fredrik,

Fic B434m 2022

Meet me under the mistletoe

Bayliss, Jenny,

Fic B445z 2022

Zero hour

Bentley, Don,

Fic B459o 2022

The omega factor

Berry, Steve,

Fic B812c 2022

Countdown to midnight : a novel

Brown, Dale,

Fic B884c 2022

The Christmas hummingbird

Bunn, T. Davis,

Fic C144w 2022

Written on the wind

Camden, Elizabeth,

Fic C16092h 2022

The hacienda

Cañas, Isabel,

Fic C437n 2022

No plan B

Child, Lee,

Fic C618b 2022

Building a future

Clipston, Amy,

Fic C7628f 2022

The furies : two Charlie Parker novels

Connolly, John,

Fic C762m 2022

A model of devotion

Connealy, Mary,

Fic C816l 2022


Cornwell, Patricia Daniels,

Fic D986c 2022

Courage to stand : October 1872 - April 1873

Dye, Ginny,

Fic D986j 2021

Journey to joy : March - August 1872

Dye, Ginny,

Fic Ea76c 2022


Eason, Lynette,

Fic Es61n 2022

Notes on your sudden disappearance : a novel

Espach, Alison,

Fic Ev14g 2022

Going rogue : rise and shine twenty-nine

Evanovich, Janet,

Fic F32d 2022

Dark whisper

Feehan, Christine,

Fic F7614c 2022

CRISPR'd : a medical thriller

Foreman, Judy,

Fic F958l 2022

Love in plain sight

Fuller, Kathleen,

Fic G76a 2022

Aura of night

Graham, Heather,

Fic G76v 2022

Voice of fear

Graham, Heather,

Fic G794h 2022

Happily ever amish

Gray, Shelley Shepard,

Fic G887b 2022

The boys from Biloxi

Grisham, John,

Fic H1409t 2022

There's something about Merry

Hall, Codi,

Fic H282i 2022

I'll be seeing you : a novel

Hatcher, Robin Lee,

Fic H545e 2022

Endless summer : stories

Hilderbrand, Elin,

Fic H769m 2022

Maybe now : a novel

Hoover, Colleen,

Fic H769v 2021


Hoover, Colleen,

Fic K341w 2022


Kendig, Ronie.

Fic K774a 2022

All I want for Christmas

Knox, Maggie,

Fic K8196a 2022

Aurora : a novel

Koepp, David,

Fic K841l 2022

The latecomer

Korelitz, Jean Hanff,

Fic L778p 2022

The poison machine : a Hunt & Hooke novel

Lloyd, Robert J.,

Fic L9956a 2022

A black and endless sky

Lyons, Matthew

Fic M236c 2022

The Christmas spirit : a novel

Macomber, Debbie,

Fic M296h 2022

Home sweet Christmas

Mallery, Susan,

Fic M582f 2022

Falling stars

Michaels, Fern,

Fic M954m 2022

A merry little meet cute : a novel

Murphy, Julie,

Fic Ok2u 2022

Unfailing love

Oke, Janette,

Fic P277t 2022

Triple Cross

Patterson, James,

Fic P277t 2022

The twelve topsy-turvy, very messy days of Christmas

Patterson, James,

Fic P455d 2022

The deadly shallows

Pettrey, Dani,

Fic P612b 2022


Pierlot, Ciel,

Fic P789i 2022

Iona Iverson's rules for commuting

Pooley, Clare,

Fic R2718o 2022

Once upon a December

Reichert, Amy E.,

Fic Sh22m 2022

Metropolis : a novel

Shapiro, Barbara A.,

Fic Sh64e 2022

The edge of summer

Shipman, Viola,

Fic Sm68s 2022

Storm tide

Smith, Wilbur A.,

Fic Sm68t 2022

Titans of war

Smith, Wilbur A.,

Fic Sm98l 2022 v. 2

Lore Olympus

Smythe, Rachel

Fic Sm98l 2022 v. 3

Lore Olympus

Smythe, Rachel

Fic St32h 2022

The high notes : a novel

Steel, Danielle,

Fic W211s 2022


Ward, Catriona,

Fic W213v 2022

The viper

Ward, J. R.,

Fic W255i 2022

I will find you

Warren, Susan May,

Fic W255n 2022

No matter the cost

Warren, Susan May,

Fic W255o 2022

Out of the night

Warren, Susan May,

Fic W381c 2022

Cold fear : a thriller

Webb, Brandon,

Fic W584s 2022

The shop on Royal Street

White, Karen

Fic W6183f 2021

For the wolf

Whitten, Hannah,

Fic W6183f 2022

For the throne

Whitten, Hannah,

Fic W7313s 2022

The shadow glass

Winning, Joshua,

Fic W73s 2021

Still life

Winman, Sarah,

Fic W755s 2022

The story of love

Wiseman, Beth,

Fic W867d 2022

Distant thunder

Woods, Stuart,

Fic Z89f 2022

The Frederick sisters are living the dream : a novel

Zusy, Jeannie,





M Af41h 2022

Harlem sunset

Afia, Nekesa,

M An26d 2022

Dashing through the snowbirds

Andrews, Donna,

M An26r 2022

Round up the usual peacocks

Andrews, Donna,

M Ar23n 2022

Next in line

Archer, Jeffrey,

M B4522p 2022

Peg and Rose solve a murder

Berenson, Laurien,

M C4753m 2022

Murder on the Spanish Seas

Church, Wendy

M C548f 2022

The fall girl

Clark, Marcia,

M C846r 2022

Racing the light : a novel

Crais, Robert,

M F321d 2022

Daisy Darker

Feeney, Alice,

M F669b 2022

Because I could not stop for death : an Emily Dickinson mystery

Flower, Amanda,

M F673c 2022 c. 2

Caramel pecan roll murder

Fluke, Joanne,

M K584b 2022

Back to the garden : a novel

King, Laurie R.,

M K669s 2022

A strange habit of mind : a Cameron Winter mystery

Klavan, Andrew,

M L136f 2022

Dark music

Lagercrantz, David,

M L8214l 2022

Little sister : a novel

Lodge, Gytha,

M M3119b 2022

Blackmail and bibingka

Manansala, Mia P.,

M M4598w 2022

Wrong place wrong time : a novel

McAllister, Gillian,

M Os5b 2022

The bullet that missed

Osman, Richard,

M R167h 2022

A heart full of headstones

Rankin, Ian,

M R2928s 2022

Sinister graves

Rendon, Marcie R.,

M R456m 2022

Murder in Westminster

Riley, Vanessa,

M Sa56r 2022

Righteous prey

Sandford, John,

M Sp43s 2022

A secret about a secret

Spiegelman, Peter,





S.F. L132s 2022

Station Eternity

Lafferty, Mur,

SF B791d 2022

Daughter of darkness

Brooks, Terry,





Rom Fic C8363b 2022

Before I do

Cousens, Sophie,

Rom Fic H769i 2022

It starts with us : a novel

Hoover, Colleen,

Rom Fic Ig3w 2022

Where we end & begin

Igharo, Jane,

Rom Fic M3633w 2022

Witchful thinking

Martin, Celestine,





004.092 K6721p 2022

Proving ground : the untold story of the six women who programmed the world's first modern computer

Kleiman, Kathy,

070.572 B4761m 2022

Make a zine! : start your own underground publishing revolution

Biel, Joe,

158.1 L455b 2022

Be more Taylor : fearless advice on following your dreams and finding your voice

Layton, Kitty,

306.362 L5874s 2022

Slaves for peanuts : a story of conquest, liberation, and a crop that changed history

Lewis, Jori,

306.480 Or3k 2022

Killing the legends : the lethal danger of celebrity

O'Reilly, Bill,

306.874 An264m 2022

The mamas : what I learned about kids, class, and race from moms not like me

Andrews-Dyer, Helena,

323.1196 Ab834a 2022

Alabama v. King : Martin Luther King Jr. and the criminal trial that launched the Civil Rights Movement

Abrams, Dan,

332.024 C8978g 2022

Get it together : organize your records so your family won't have to

Cullen, Melanie,

342.730 B9354b 2022

By hands now known : Jim Crow's legal executioners

Burnham, Margaret,

353.422 B2686o 2022

One damn thing after another : memoirs of an attorney general

Barr, William Pelham,

362.293 M259r 2022

Raising Lazarus : hope, justice, and the future of America's overdose crisis

Macy, Beth,

363.738 H2625b 2022

The big fix : 7 practical steps to save our planet

Harvey, Hal,

364.155 F126c 2022

Capturing the Younger Brothers gang in the Northern Plains : the untold story of a heroic teen Asle Sorbel

Fadness, Arley K.,

500 M926w 2022

What if? : additional serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions

Munroe, Randall,

615.3 M6154v 2022

The vaccine : inside the race to conquer the COVID-19 pandemic

Miller, Joe

791.4302 M131w 2022

Waxing on : The karate kid and me

Macchio, Ralph,

791.4502 M4599i 2022

I'm glad my mom died

McCurdy, Jennette,

901 T988s 2022

Starry messenger : cosmic perspectives on civilization

Tyson, Neil deGrasse,

919.820 R541i 2022

Into the great emptiness : peril and survival on the Greenland ice cap

Roberts, David,

920 P277s 2022

James Patterson by James Patterson : the stories of my life

Patterson, James,

920 T6405d 2022

Dinners with Ruth : a memoir on the power of friendships

Totenberg, Nina,

940.530 H3832b 2022

Bridge to the sun : the secret role of the Japanese Americans who fought in the Pacific in World War II

Henderson, Bruce B.,

940.5403 D382h 2022

Half American : the epic story of African Americans fighting World War II at home and abroad

Delmont, Matthew F.,

941.085 P277d 2022

Diana, William, and Harry

Patterson, James,

947 F467s 2022

The story of Russia

Figes, Orlando,

970.004 H171i 2022

Indigenous continent : the epic contest for North America

Hämäläinen, Pekka,

973.933 K9684b 2022

Breaking history : a White House memoir

Kushner, Jared,

976.902 P316t 2021

The taking of Jemima Boone : colonial settlers, tribal nations, and the kidnap that shaped America

Pearl, Matthew,

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