Teen Bookopoly

Teen Bookopoly

How to Play:

  • Read books and complete challenges between January 3 - March 26. Complete as many challenges as you wish. They do not need to be completed in order.
  • Completing a color set earns you one prize entry.
  • The 300 and 500 page properties are one entry each.
  • The four corners are decorative.

After you read a book or complete a challenge:

  • Mark off the challenge
  • Write the title of the book on the list on the back of the card
  • Titles can only be used for one challenge

Chance Books

  • Checkout a red chance book from the adult area
  • Completing two chance books will earn you one prize entry
  • Keep an eye out for books with two chance question marks. These books allow you to complete both properties at once.

Write a Review

Did you know you can review books in the library's online catalog?

  • Write a review for any two books read during Bookopoly and post them to our catalog.
  • Visit library staff to have these spaces marked off

Reading Lists

Teen Bookopoly Board