How do I know when I need to remove my car from the streets?
Any time snow begins to fall during the winter, your car should be removed from the emergency snow routes and refrain from parking on these routes until the storm has passed.

Every few hours, throughout a snow event, public service announcements are given to the local radio stations and newspaper. The local radio stations are very quick in responding to these public service announcements. They do an excellent job in informing the public of what is taking place for snow removal activities. These announcements can also be found on the Mitchell website.

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1. What streets in town are snow emergency routes?
2. Once the snow emergency route is plowed curb-to-curb can I park back on that street?
3. How do I know when I need to remove my car from the streets?
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10. When the snow plow went past it threw snow up on the sidewalk does the city remove this snow?
11. I have a large pile of snow in front of my mailbox and the post office will not deliver the mail. Will the city clear the snow in front of the mailbox?