What kind of refuse can I put in the container?

Paper, cans and other typical household trash are allowed in the container. Large items should be flattened to save space. Do not over-stuff the cart. In the interest of container cleanliness, we encourage you to use plastic bags for wet garbage and to occasionally wash out your container with a garden hose. Only material placed in the cart will be collected. Please call 605-995-8465 for more information.

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1. What kind of refuse can I put in the container?
2. What if I have items that are too large to fit into the cart?
3. What items are unacceptable to put in the cart for collection?
4. What if snow is piled up on the boulevard?
5. What if the container gets full before collection day?
6. On what day will my garbage be collected?
7. What if the cart becomes damaged?
8. What do I do with the cart if I decide to move?
9. What time do I place the cart out to the street for collection?
10. I am doing some home cleaning and all of the extra material will not fit into the cart. What can I do?
11. Where do I place the cart if I have chosen alley collection?
12. Where do I place my container if I have chosen street-side collection?