How do I recycle?

Place rinsed plastics, glass and cans directly in the blue bin. These materials do not need to be kept separate: they are sorted at the Center. All papers may be placed loose in the container.  Only shredded paper is to be placed in clear plastic bags.   No other plastic bags are accepted. Please call 605-995-8465 for more information.

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1. How do I recycle?
2. What is corrugated cardboard?
3. What types of plastics are acceptable?
4. Can I include cereal, potato chip, and cake boxes with the corrugated cardboard?
5. Can I put window pane glass in my recycling bin?
6. What if I cannot fit all my recyclables in the bin?
7. Do I flatten any of my containers?
8. Do I have to remove labels?
9. Can I drop off recyclables at the recycling center?
10. How do I receive a new recycling bin?